Why I Started Programming

I am an electrical engineer graduate, experienced Unity game developer, freelancer and full time integration engineer at Ericsson which is the leader in telecommunication worldwide, and I am only 25 years old.

If you're interested in how I get there, continue reading.

Before graduating from high school, I wanted to become an officer and I didn't have a plan B in case that didn't work. In fact, what I was afraid of just happened, not once, but twice. In fact, every summer, the doors to become an officer were opened. I have applied, made an IQ test, physical, and health exams. When you pass them all, you pass to the next steps which are written exams and an interview with 6 generals in the army. I passed them all except the written exam. In 2012, I have passed all the exams except for the written exam. It was frustrating not to succeed specially when all the family were counting on me to become an officer.

It was too late to apply for universities for the fall 2012-2013 and I didn't thought of any major, or even worst, I didn't like any. In december 2012, I have traveled to Dubai and lived in my sister's house. I have spent 2 months there. That period changed my life, personality and mentality. For instance, I used to be shy and introvert, thanks to my sister and her husband, I have changed to a new Me. In fact, I realized what life is about and that with hard work and commitment I can succeed.

When I returned back to Lebanon, I have applied as a doctor but I was rejected. Then I have applied as an electrical engineer at Notre Dame University, and finally, someone said yes to me.

My dream to become an officer wasn't ruined yet. I have applied a second time in 2013 and I was studying EE at uni in the same time. And you guessed it, I have failed to become an officer for the secons time. It was disappointing, but thanks to my 2, life changing, months in Dubai, I was able to accept failure and move on.

In my first year, I have took a C++ programming course and I was so close to fail. I hated programming back then.

In my third year at uni, I used to be a private teacher as a part-timer for almost 4 months. Then, when I had nothing to do in my free time, I searched the internet to make money online. I have discovered that all the surveys and online money are bullshit. Then, after long hours of surfing, I have discovered the power of programming. I have learned C++ alone from A-Z, and I enjoyed it. Then I have learned Java and loved it even more. The funny thing is that I thought that mastering Java and C++ would help me to land any type of programming job. I didn't know that there are many many other programming languages.

In my free time, I have made a waiter restaurant app, where you order from the phone, and the chef receives it. I have visited some restaurants to sell it, but no one bought it.

In 2017, I have landed a 3 days tedting period job as a backend developer. And yes, you guessed it, I wasn't hired. However, it was a great experience, because I knew then what should I learn to become a real programmer.

In january 2018, I have discovered Unity, and it was amazing. I fell in love in coding much more than before. I used to dream of coding back then. I kept learning Unity and made a bunch of small games and uploaded them into my phone.

In summer 2018, I have applied as a web developer at Nova4, during the interview, I couldn't answer any question because I wasn't good enough in PHP and SQL. However, during the interview, I told the director that I have made a game with Unity. He saw it, and told me: "We are developing a project with Unity, I will call the Unity director and he will ask you some questions, based on his feedback, I decide whether to hire you or not". I have answered all the questions and got the acceptance after few hours.

First of all, I was lucky to find a job in Unity, because almost no one in my country develops games with Unity. Second of all, I was under probation for 3 weeks, according to my work, I would sign a contract or go home. I worked hard for it, faced many obstacles but the result is that I have signed a contract for 1 year at Nova 4.

While at Nova4, I have developed my own game and published it on google play. It was my first game, I have learned a lot from it. You can check what I learned in the article:

Finally, I have received a job offer at Ericsson as an integration engineer, after 2 technical interviews. Hard work, experience, and strong personality were the keys to get whatever I want in life, no matter how hard it is to achieve it.

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