These are your biggest enemies

Through my humble experience, these are the biggest enemies if any ambitious person:

1- Luck

Luck can drastically change a person’s life, let’s say that one has won the lottery, he/she will become very famous and rich. However, keeping the money is the hardest part.

If you want to build a successful company, you need to put luck away because if you want your success to last forever then you should be able to stand up and overcome all the challenges especially when everything is against you (life, luck, crisis).

If you overcome all the obstacles while luck is against you, then what would life be if luck turned back to your side.

If you rely on luck, then you might get lucky for a small period of time then you will begin to fall apart.

2- Smoking

Smokers should stop smoking if they want to become successful. Just look at all the famous people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dan Lok, Wes Brown etc… Do they smoke?

Smoking prevents you from being successful because the money spent to buy cigarettes can be invested on yourself or on your company.

Assuming you’re buying an average of one packet of cigarettes that cost 3$ every day. By a simple math calculation, you can find that you’re spending almost 11000$ in 10 years (3*365*10). You might think that this is a small number, but if you invest this sum on yourself therefore, you would’ve been able to double or triple this amount since you could’ve mastered a skill that is worth thousands of hundreds of dollars.

My advice is, before buying a cigarette, think about how you could’ve used that money to your advantage. If you couldn’t find anything now, then put aside, everyday, 3$ and forget about them. When you find out what skill you can learn or master, then spend that money on it.

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3- Alcohol

Too much alcohol will give you a hangover all day, therefore, you won’t be able to concentrate or work which leads you to lose a precious amount of time.

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4- Overnights

Staying up all night is a bad habit. Try to become a day worker. Wake up early everyday and begin building your dreams. Sleeping all day will prevent you from being productive since you will feel lazy.

Finally, I hope that this article was helpful for at least one person, therefore, I would be happy that my time spent writing this article would be effective and not considered as wasted time.

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