How to Gain Millions of Dollars Using Your Skills

There are 7.5 billion people living on Earth (source: Assuming 0.5% of people share your skills. This means you are competing with at least 37.5 million competitors. Let’s consider, only 1% of the latter, surpasses your skills, this results of 6.5M person worldwide. The question is, how to surpass all these 6.5M and become in the top 100, therefore, you will have the right and competence to ask for 5000$/hour.

These are some steps that will get you to the top.

1- Self Awareness

Self awareness is the act to discover yourself (trust me, you don’t). If you want to discover yourself, you should schedule 5 min/day, everyday, and ask yourself some deep questions about yourself. Try to discover your inner talents and skills by asking these questions:

A- What do you love to do? (In other words, what are you passionate about. You don’t care getting paid when doing it. When doing it you almost forget to eat and time disappears)

B- what are you good at? (What’s your natural talent -> when people say ‘Wow' how did you do that, and for you, it is a piece of cake)


2- Focus on One Thing

Assuming you are a programmer. I will give you 2 scenarios, and you choose the better one. Scenario 1, I gave you 10 courses, each course has different programming language (Node.js, Javascript, C#, .Net, Php, etc….), and you finish these courses in 10 days. The result: your skills in these 10 languages will be average.

On the other hand, scenario 2, if I gave you 10 courses but all are related to 1 topic (let’s say Python). You finish these 10 courses in 10 days also.

The result: You become an expert in Python.

Therefore, if you only focus on 1 thing, it will be much easier and faster to master it rather than trying to master 10 topics that would take you forever. And the worst consequence in scenario 1 mentality is some of these 10 skills won’t be used at all, hence, a waste of time.


To generate an intense amount of money from your skills, you should at first discover yourself, because once you choose your skill (in programming=> language to master) there is no way back, else, you’re wasting time and giving advantage to others in the world to become ahead of you. Finally, hard and smart work is what will make you achieve your dreams, no matter how many obstacles you faced.

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