Best Ways To Get Great Ideas

These are some simple tricks to get solutions for a problem or ideas for a new business:

1- Disconnect

The smartphone is one of the biggest distraction. You might be so close to the solution of a problem and suddenly, the phone rings or you get a notification or even a message that teleports you from a world full of innovation to the real world.

My advice to you is to train yourself to take 5 minutes to break from the real world everyday. Isolate yourself in a room, turn off your phone and put it in another room and just close your eyes and think from outside the box. Think as if you’re dead and you’re watching yourself from a top view.

2- Meditate

Bill Gates and many other successful people meditate once for at least 5 minutes everyday. The above advice will lead you to meditate. While meditating, free your mind from all kind of information, therefore, more space will be available in your brain to accept new ideas and thoughts.

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One of the most important tricks is to keep a notebook and a pen next to your bed. You can use your smartphone also as a notebook. Before you sleep, many ideas come to your mind because your brain has time to search for answers for a specific problem since you’re in a rest state, hence your brain digs down in your unconscious and in your intelligence to solve the problem that you weren’t able to resolve.

As a conclusion, I hope that these tricks will help you to find a solution for all your problems and to be more innovative.

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