7 Things that I wish I knew when I was younger

The best way to learn is from others' faults. I’ve had the idea of creating a blog account because I want to spread my knowledge to the world. Also, I want you to avoid and be aware of what I didn’t know earlier.

1- Programming

When I graduated from college, I had no clue about what type of degree I want to pursue. I had no goals in my life. I have wasted one year before opting for electrical engineering, which wasn’t my choice also.

In my second semester, I have taken C++ programming which I hated and I barely passed. Despite detesting coding, I fell in love with programming in my third year at Uni, hence I wished I was a computer science instead of an electrical engineer. I would’ve graduated in 3 years and gained 2 years of experience in 5 years which is the amount of time spent to become an engineer.

I don’t regret being an engineer after all, but my life would’ve been much easier if someone advised me back then and told me that there is something called computer science.

2- Value of time

I used to waste my time playing video games for countless hours while I should’ve been reading, browsing Youtube or planning my future.

What I realized lately is that time is more important than money, since time passed is never recovered. Managing your time efficiently will grant you lots and lots of money which is not the case in the opposite situation.

I always remind myself with this quote that motivates me:

“work while they sleep,

study while they party,

save while they spend, then

live like they dream"


3- Inspirational videos

Inspirational and motivational videos turned my life upside down. After listening to Dan Lok, Wes Brown, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet etc… I have chosen my life goal, which is: Stay alive when I die, just like Steve Jobs, Einstein and Tesla. I just set my goal and through time, I will learn how to reach it by overcoming all the obstacles.

4- Failure is important

I used to get depressed when I fail. One failure lead me to lose many other 'battles’. In fact, I used to give up early and get frustrated and angry when things just don’t work as it should be. My advice is: never give up, life will hit you as hard as it can but you should always stand up and fight again. What makes failure the twin of success is that when you stand up again, you become a better, stronger and more determined version of yourself.

That’s what programming taught me. I was so passionate about coding that I thought that if I want to become the best programmer, I should overcome this challenge and solve the problem in a way or another.

5- Be the smartest in the room

This advice is really important and helpful at work. In your first couple of weeks, try to detect the man/woman that without him/her the company will fail. This person should become your temporary role model. You should compare yourself to him/her and see what he/she has better and more skills than you. Based on your analysis, you should make a list of skills that you should acquire and enhance in order to become his/her skill competitor. The next step is when you overcome that person, search for another 'target’. When you don’t find one then consider searching for a higher level company or job, or if you’re experienced enough and you have money, it would be a great idea if you create your own company.

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6- Own the place

When you first enter to a place, act as if you’re the owner and the rest are your guests. This will drastically improve your confidence and personality.

7- Turn fear into energy

Wes Brown always speaks about fear that prevents someone to achieve his/her goals. I didn’t understand fear until lately. In fact, what he meant is that when you are confident about a certain skill, you feel the fear to learn a new skill from 0 because you fear from failing.

Being comfortable with a skill makes you secure somehow. You should admit that you will suck while learning the new skill, but with time you will overcome fear and obstacles and finally master that skill.

I faced that fear when I decided to learn web development which I literally had no clue about it. It was tempting and frustrating at first specially when I saw the instructor (from an online course) being so confortable coding lots and lots of lines. After 1 month of hard work, what the instructor seemed too difficult is now easy for me and I can code as much as he can without looking at the documentation.

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Finally, I hope that this article was helpful for at least one person, therefore, I would be happy that my time spent writing this article would be effective and not considered as wasted time.

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